Why Buying a House in a Security Estate Makes Perfect Financial Sense

Family and security are two concepts that go hand in hand, even more so when you are trying to find the home where you want to raise your children. Often enough, when you think about your family, the first thoughts that come to mind are about their well-being and security. And when you think of security, you immediately think “expensive”!

Is your family safe where you are currently living? If the answer is NO, you’ve probably found yourself on the internet searching for reasons why living within the safe confines of a security estate is a better option. So, let us make your search easier by breaking down the financial benefits of buying a new home within a security estate.

Properties in a security estate can be slightly more expensive than their non-gated counterparts. However, buying a property in an estate has many financial benefits that will easily offset the extra cost. You will find that what you get in return is worth much more than you paid for.

Not as expensive as you might think

Recently, some very affordable security estates have started appearing on the market. A gem like Capital View Lifestyle Estate in Pretoria West is an excellent example of a new development offering world-class security and brand-new, three-bedroom houses selling from just north of one million rand. So, you and your family can rest assured that you, your belongings, and your wallet are safe!

Increased property value

Due to the high demand for properties in secure estates, the value of these properties increases more than that of suburban properties, realising above-average capital growth and better returns on your investment.

Considerable savings when you buy from a developer

A lesser-known fact is that when you buy a property directly from a property developer, there are no bond registration fees nor any transfer duties or fees payable. This amounts to huge savings depending on the property's value. On a house of R1.1M, you can save about R40 000!

Lower insurance premiums

Insurance companies consider security estates to be lower-risk areas, so owning a house in a security estate results in lower insurance premiums because there is a lower chance of theft, vandalism, and break-ins. This, in turn, helps you to improve your monthly cash flow and save on insurance in the long run. 

Lower maintenance and security costs

When you buy a house in a security estate, you also save on extra security costs and the maintenance of expensive private security systems. Being protected by an estate’s 24-hour patrolling security guards, biometric access control, CCTV cameras, and more means you don’t have to invest in or maintain a private security system. These services are already covered by your monthly levy. But wait, aren’t levies expensive? Well, it’s a numbers game. By sharing these costs among all the residents within the development, you enjoy a low monthly levy that costs you only a fraction of what you would have spent for the same level of security as an individual.

Greater resale potential

What happens when your family grows or your career takes you to a different area? Being in a security estate will always make your property more desirable and attract a broader market of individuals, families, and even retirees looking for a safe environment. There will always be a high demand for secure family homes, making the resale price higher than other alternatives and future-proofing the value of your home.

To conclude

You: “Hi, Google. Where can I find houses for sale in a security estate in Pretoria West?”

Google: “Here is what I found.”

At Capital View Lifestyle Estate, your family's safety is their top priority. They take security seriously by providing triple security measures, including perimeter fences topped by electric fencing, biometric access control, guardhouses, and patrolling security guards. Guards are stationed at the guardhouses to control access to the estate and patrol the estate day and night to keep all residents safe.

Securing a future-proof home for your family is easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Visit Capital View Lifestyle Estate today and ensure your peace of mind today from only R1 162 625.