Sky City amenities for you to enjoy

Sky City Amenities for you to enjoy

There are many amenities to consider when purchasing a property in a new development; luckily, Sky City will keep you busy with all it has to offer! From a private school for your children to a mall, Sky City will keep you on your toes. These features were incorporated into the development to provide so much more than just housing to the residents and to offer them a more convenient lifestyle. The following article will give you some insight into what you can expect to find at Sky City.

The latest in Sky City – Faithful Faith Church

In 2021, Cosmopolitan Projects added a church to their offering in Sky City near Alberton, giving the residents a place to practice their faith comfortably and improve their spiritual well-being. True to Cosmopolitan Projects’ core purpose of improving lives this was just one of many projects undertaken to uplift and help the community of Sky City.

Built with a modern face brick style, the church has minimal maintenance expenses. There is also ample covered parking space for cars. Its triangular roof was designed to make the church’s interior more spacious and modern. The church also provides an office for the pastor, private bathroom facilities, and a mother’s room where mothers can sit with their babies while enjoying the service without worrying that they might disturb others.

Faithful Faith Church was also built close to the development’s community centre and near Royal Schools Sky City. On Sundays, the adjoining crèche next to the main auditorium also serves as the children’s church where the younger Sky City residents are taught and they also have a blast using the crèches playground.

Amenities that can be enjoyed from an early age in Sky City

The Faithful Faith Crèche is located at the church in Sky City. Many young pre-schoolers enjoy early development here, where dedicated teachers work to ensure the safety and education of the children within this community. The Basic Education and Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu, is planning to make it compulsory for Grade R students to attend school, which makes this pre-school even more useful for Sky City’s residents. Parents are also encouraged to enrol their children from a younger age to ensure a good foundation for primary school.

Royal Schools Sky City was introduced to the community in 2018 and offers very creative educational material and methods for its learners. With all its sports facilities, this private school offers many extramural activities, from soccer and hockey to netball! Teams of this institute take part in different league competitions with various other schools within the Ekurhuleni area. There is also an on-site crèche to ensure younger children are ready when the time comes to move over to the ‘big’ school. Royal Schools Sky City provides education from Grade RRR to Grade 12 with many extra-curricular activities for them to enjoy.

There are also many parks in Sky City for children to enjoy after school. When entering the development from the south, you will see parks equipped with a soccer field, netball courts, jungle gyms, an outdoor gym, jogging trails, benches and much more. These facilities were created to ensure that Sky City’s residents can enjoy both physical and relaxing activities.

Experience the best street food in Sky City

From corner cafés to car washes, you can also experience the best food at Sky City at affordable prices. Some residents have set up a few Kota food stalls where you can enjoy this delicious meal – a quarter loaf of bread that is scooped out and refilled with chips and meat. Milano lifestyle car wash in Sky City is a perfect example where they offer Kotas while washing your car. These car washes are popular in the community because they are also seen as socialising spots.

The biggest attraction in Sky City

Sky City Mall provides both food and shopping, creating a community buzz. Sky City is the first development to bring fast-food outlets and an Engen garage to its residents. Let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect from this shop-till-you-drop mall.

To experience the best food, residents can enjoy a meal from Steers, Fish and Chips Village, Debonairs Pizzas, and many others. Even though these restaurants are fast-food restaurants they don’t have a drive-through like an average fast-food franchise. However, families can still enjoy their meal either at the restaurant or they can request a takeaway to have a comfortable night at home with a delicious meal.

The mall also offers a Shoprite where residents can shop for their monthly essentials. It is part of The Shoprite Group, which has more than 2 400 corporate stores nationwide. There is also a Cashbuild within the mall. This DIY shop has a lot to offer residents and supplies both building materials and inspiration to those who would like to upgrade their houses.

Are fast-food restaurants perhaps the best amenities in Sky City?

There are two well-known fast-food restaurants within the development which residents can enjoy. The first well-known restaurant is McDonald’s, which consists of a drive-through for residents on the go, and a sit-in restaurant where they can enjoy their meal while the children safely play in the play area. The second is KFC, the most popular fast-food franchise in South Africa. The KFC in Sky City has a drive-through and sit-in restaurant with delicious meal choices.

It is amenities like these that get residents excited. One enterprising Sky City resident has taken the initiative to design and develop a food delivery app available on Google Play Store called Mad Buddies. The app works the same as other food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Mr Delivery (which are also available in Sky City) so that you can get your food delivered right to your doorstep.

The parks, schools and mall have a positive impact on the youth of Sky City. Here they can make new memories and meet new friends, which helps them with their social skills. People of all ages can enjoy the amenities of this development. In conclusion, the amenities in Sky City supply ample recreation opportunities within the community and make Sky City a pleasant and popular place to live.

Sky City is a development geared to only keep growing. Who knows what other comforts and amenities will still be added to this world-class city?