Prepaid electricity

Using a prepaid meter allows you to save on water, which leads to saving money as you will never get an unexpected or inflated bill! Therefore, one of the big advantages of prepaid utilities is that they enable you to manage your cash flow and budget for your expenses properly.

When you receive the keys to your new home, you will also receive a client information handover pack where you will find all the necessary information regarding your prepaid water and electricity meters.

Buying and loading prepaid electricity

  • It is best to use your banking app to buy prepaid electricity.
  • You will have to select Electricity under the Buy option and then input your meter number and mobile number so the token can be SMS-ed to your phone.
  • Complete the transaction.
  • The token will show on your screen and will be SMS-ed to your phone.
  • Follow these steps to load the electricity token:
  • Ensure that all the switches on your DB board are in the upright or ON position. This will ensure communication between your keypad and the meter.
  • Always keep your prepaid electricity meter plugged in and ensure that the plug’s power is turned on.
  • Once powered up, your meter will go through multiple standard stages:
  • Search PAN
  • E460 PAN
  • Pairing
  • Once the meter is paired, it will show you the meter number.
  • Ensure that the number is the same as the number on your card.
  • If your meter is beeping, it means the meter’s power is low.
  • You can press enter to silence the meter.
  • Now enter the token number that you purchased via your banking app.
  • Press and hold enter.
  • Press enter again.

Please note that these meters are the property of your municipality. If you experience any technical problems or errors, your municipality must send a technician to replace or repair your meter.

Meter tampering is illegal and incredibly dangerous because of the risk of injury or electrocution. A meter that has been tampered with does not function as it should, leading to a loss of the information needed from it by landlords. A properly working meter is integral to recovering consumption costs and avoiding the ramifications of electricity theft.

Why is my electricity meter blank? Meters can go into sleep mode and seem to have no display. Pressing a button on the main panel should revive the screen display.